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1:1 Mentorships with Industry Practitioners

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Comprehensive & Personalised Learning Path

  • Work on Real Life Projects
  • Hands-on all Business Analytics tools
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Dedicated Interview Preparation & Support

  • Learn Industry Relevant Skills
  • Resume & Interview Preparation

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Why is the demand for Business Analytics Professionals so high?

Business Analytics is a vast field encompassing multiple job roles and industry functions. In 2020, the job prospects for anyone involved (or wanting to get involved) in the field of business analytics are brighter than ever before!

  • Current Market Size is $67 Bn
  • Expected to become $100 Bn by 2025
  • Companies are going Digital & utilizing data for business decision making


7+ Courses starting from Basics like Excel to the most cutting edge techniques like Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis. It aims to provide your career a jump by enabling you to enter the world of Business Analytics.

Microsoft Excel - Beginner To Advanced
1 Project 1 Assignment

Get Familiar with MS Excel

Explore Important Formulas and Functions

Work with Datetime and Text functions

Practice Mathematical, Financial and Statistical Functions

Create Charts and Visualizations in MS Excel

Build Business Simulation Model using MS Excel

Get Familiar with MySQL

Learn to perform database tasks in SQL

Update, delete and insert records from database

Use joins to fetch data from multiple tables

Create reports and Perform Data Analysis using SQL

Learn Python Programming from scratch

Write Conditional and Iterative Statements in Python

Work with libraries and functions in Python

Understand Data Structures in Python

Reading files and manipulating data in Python

Learn to summarize data using Python

Working with pandas and other python libraries for data exploration

Use Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization

Creating charts to visualize data and generate insights

Univariate and Bivariate analysis using python

Perform Statistical Analysis on real-world datasets

Build and Validate Hypothesis using statistical tests

Generating useful insights from the data

Importing and working with different kinds of data in Tableau

Build bubble charts, geo-location charts, and many others

Learn to create Dashboards in Tableau

Master storyboarding in Tableau

Learn to create engaging presentations

Perform feature engineering in Tableau

Become familiar with data manipulation in Tableau

Loading datasets and establishing table relationships

Work with different type of charts and dashboards

Working with Map visualizations and other advanced charts with drill down functionalities

Working with power query for data manipulation

Writing DAX expressions

Structure a business problem into an analytics problem

Understand the stages of Data Science Lifecycle

Learn Key Frameworks for each stage in Data Science Lifecycle

Present analysis and business insights in an impactful manner

Communicate analysis and business insights to the stakeholders

Learn Important Machine Learning concepts

Understand Basic Machine Learning models

Understand and Implement Linear Models, Decision Tree, k-NN

Understand Math Behind each Machine Learning Algorithm

Building Classification and Regression Models using scikit-learn

Solving real-world business problems using Machine Learning

Understand Important concepts of Time Series Forecasting

Learn to use ML techniques for Time Series forecasting

Understand Validation and Evaluation techniques for Time Series

Learn Exponential Smoothing Methods for forecasting

Understand and Implement ARIMA and SARIMA Models

Implement Deep Learning architecture for Time Series

Explore the different roles in Analytics Ecosystem

Dos and Don'ts for Resume Building

Tips and strategies to build the perfect resume

Tips and Tricks to Ace the business analytics interviews

Handbook for Business Analytics Interview Questions

    Program Stats:
  • 12 Projects
  • 45+ Hours
  • 5 Tools
  • 22 Assignments
  • 6 Mentorship Sessions

Tools You Will Master in CBAP


Reinforce Your learning with 12+ projects

Projects prepare you for the fast moving industry and give you an edge over others to solve business problems.
Movie Recommender System


Learning Objectives:

-Learn to build Business Simulation models using various MS excel functions and formulas

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Insurance companies

Churn Prediction

Customer Churn Prediction

Learning Objectives:

-Learn to extract features, train and improve Machine Learning models on a real-world Problem

Business Solving Similar Problems:

E-commerce websites


NYC Taxi Trip Duration Prediction

Learning Objectives:

-Data exploration and building machine learning models for solving a Regression Problem.

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Taxi Service companies like Ola, Uber


WebTraffic Prediction

Learning Objectives:

-Learn working with Time Series Data
-Using Deep Learning models for time series forecasting

Business Solving Similar Problems:

Publishing and advertising processes of different websites

Industry Experts & Mentors


Kunal Jain

Founder & CEO, Analytics Vidhya

Sunil Ray

Chief Content Officer at Analytics Vidhya

Anand Mishra

Head Of Engineering at Analytics Vidhya

Pranav Dar

Sr Editor & Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya

Hear from our Students

The better course for boost speed to work.If you are a beginner this course will help alot to you. They cover all basic to advance detail of excel which help us to save lots of time

The course is very helpful, Content is also good and the way of teaching is also very good

Clarity on the difference of Roles in Understanding Data. A simplified way to make one understand the basic difference.I wish I could I have got these videos earlier, nevertheless it's not late though this 1 video is equal to 100s of youtube or Google search.

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Frequently asked Questions

Top Questions

Who should take the Certified Business Analytics Program?
This program is meant for people looking to learn and start their business analytics career. As we said, we assume nothing! Just bring a whole lot of enthusiasm for learning – we will guide you the rest of the way.
These are all self-paced courses that you can take any time at your convenience over the next 6 months after your enrollment.
You will get information about all installations as part of the courses
Yes! You will be given a certificate upon satisfactory completion of each course in this Certified Business Analytics program.
You will be able to access the course material for 6 months since the date of your enrollment.
Yes! We have designed this program with no assumptions in mind. If you have no previous experience of business analytics tools or machine learning algorithms, you will pick it up as you proceed.
We would strongly recommend taking the program in the order in which it has been designed to gain the maximum knowledge from it.
The price of the course is INR 16,999/- (280$) and it is non-refundable.

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